Swampcooler Conversion / Upgrade Air Conditioning

  • Allows fresh air to be blown through home
  • Allows (and requires) you to open windows
  • The breeze through the home can make the air temperature feel cooler
  • Adds humidity (some people prefer this, some don't)
  • 75% less electricity usage compared to central air
  • Powered by standard 120 volt outlet
  • Can be installed without having duct system already in place
  • Precise temperature control using your thermostat
  • Lower maintenance costs, generally only requiring one service per year and regular filter changes
  • No need to winterize anything
  • Removes humidity from the air (again this can be a matter of preference)
  • Using your filter on your HVAC system improves indoor air quality by removing dust and particles
  • Other than your filter, there are no parts that need regular changing
  • Can run in many different climates effectively

Fight allergies with refrigerated air

Making the home "Tighter"

The tightness is determined by the air changes per hour. The tighter the home, the less air changes which means more humidity is trapped and subsequently the more humid the environment can be. If your house is too tight it is possible to start to have a stuffy feeling in the home and a mechanical ventilation system may be necessary, however this is not a common problem. Adding insulation and air sealing your attic and/or crawlspace is a great way to increase the overall tightness of the home and is a good way to trap in heat and humidity. This can make the environment in the house feel more comfortable and also help lower utility costs.

Your equipment is important!

A very important factor in determining your homes comfort is the equipment you have. Whether you have a furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, or hydronic heating system, the quality and features matter. Manufacturers design this equipment for two reasons: For energy efficiency and for comfort. Because of the many features on these types of equipment, such as two-stage, modulating, variable speed and high efficiency, it is important to explore the options of these products with your technician or salesman to determine what is the best comfort option for you.

Remember... If you are uncomfortable in your home, there are things that can be done! We have a wide array of options to test your home to see what the best equipment would be for you!